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Published: 11th June 2012
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Straighteners or stylers are the fastest way to quickly attain smooth, glossy hair. They might become very hot so it's very important to employ them wisely and not an excessive amount as they can cause damage to hair. Below is a rough self-help guide to using hair straighteners.

Hair straightening irons
They are produced in various sizes and materials, however for maximum impact ceramic ionic plates or infrared plates work best.

It's worth first mentioning tourmaline. Suppliers who make use of this claim this really is must-have technological innovation for hair straighteners. It's a kind precious natural stone which can be used as one of most beneficial resources for negative ions and infrared technology. (If you don't fully understand infrared technology see below.) Tourmaline can -
1. Ensure your hair more responsive
2. Help to achieve smooth silky finish
3. Greatly reduce static electricity (no frizzing)
4. Seal in your hair's natural moisture

In fact, manufacturers claim Tourmaline stylers are four times more beneficial than ordinary ceramic straighteners.

Ceramic ionic plates
Ceramic plate designs are definitely the best performing material for your personal hair. They help to retain the sheen and produce negative ions that function as vitamins by discharging electrostatic, making hair straighter for longer.

Combined Ceramic in addition to Tourmaline infused plates
Ceramic and Tourmaline infused aluminium discs are the most effective but also the most high-priced plates. They have an inclination to be a lot better than solid ceramic plates, which are often fragile, slow to heat as well as the temperature may differentiate on certain areas plates.

Ceramic-coated aluminium plates, as utilized by GHD, are the ideal combination. Aluminium heats up very quickly, and the ceramic layer spreads the heat consistently on the plate, providing remarkable results. So no hot spots without any heat damage to your locks.
Hair straighteners with this innovative technology:
1. Give a lot more sleek results
2. Heat up speedier and keep an accurate heat
3. Can give a far more evenly distributed heat over the plate
4. Are generally gentler on your hair

Infrared technologies
Infrared plates never overheat the surface of the hair; they warm up hair from the inside out. This element helps to leave the hair straighter for longer without burning the outer lining.
Infrared plates can provide better, shinier and silkier hair. This clever technology inhibits your hair becoming dry with no more split ends. It can assist seal in your hair's moisture content and maintain your hairs look. Consumers claim it can leave your locks soft and beautiful.

Ion field modern technology
Modern straighteners would not be precisely the same without this complex development. Solid Ceramic heaters generate a field of negatively charged particles, which reinforces your hair to make it silkier and shinier. In addition, it soaks in water and seals in moisture more easily.

Versatile temperature
Don't assume all stylers share the same heating settings. According to which kind of hair you've got some hair needs a much higher heat range, some lower. Without versatile heat level control, your stylers will either be too warm (damaging your hair) or not hot enough (less effective and does not straighten your hair as long). Versatile heating regulates set a heat range which can be appropriate for your type of hair and therefore the effects endure longer. Choosing the appropriate temperature creates a less complicated style helping to preserve your locks in pristine condition.

Quick at heating up
Most advanced stylers have some type of rapid warming system which often can save you valuable time. It often takes a few moments to heat up and thereby save electricity. It also helps to lengthen the life span of the styler.

Use flat irons on healthful hair
If you use your straighteners quite often, it is important you look after your hair, as over usage of stylers can damage your hair.
Just like the wind, sun and other variables, the really high settings that hair straighteners can reach can result in your hair becoming fragile. Even modern-day hair straightening irons can still cause your hair to suffer. Ideally you do not straightner your hair more than once per week.

Utilizing hair straighteners
Modern day hair stylers heat up rapidly, in a matter of seconds. So don't turn on your hair straightening iron and leave it on because this will cause damage to your hair straightner and any surface area it's placed on.

Straighteners are more effective on dry hair. After washing hair its best to allow it to dry normally or with a hair dryer. There are hair stylers for wet hair but they generally don't appear to perform as well or heat up as much. They certainly don't seem to give the same shine as a blow dry.

Apply if you want any special pre-straightening formula. Starting from the roots, separate your hair into thin lengths and place a strand directly into the plates. Shut down the plates and slide straight down your hair little by little toward the ends of your hair. Don't continue to keep running the plates over your hair; it's far better to straighten up the lengths carefully for approximately 6 seconds to get the best results.

Additionally you can get straightener lotions that give hair vitamins and moisturizes at the root. Hair which has been abused by thermal products, chemical treatments and hair colouring, may be brought back to life and given a glow.

If you wish to compare the most popular hair straightening irons then look no more than Which Hair Straightener whom deliver detailed information on the different stylers in the marketplace with hair straightener reviews.

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